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Depron Foam Pack 70cm x 50cm - 8 Sheets
test Specifications
Length 70cm
Width 50cm
Thickness 6mm
No in pack 8 sheets
Colour White

Importat Note: We can supply either Genuine Depron or Modelling Foam in this pack. Please read the information at the bottom of this page and inform us by email which foam type you want in the pack.
Price: $98.00
(Australian Dollars)

Postage Information

Postage Costs 
Postage for orders with large Depron packs defaults to $59.00AUD to cover international orders. 

For Australian orders we will refund part of your postage amount after you purchase.
Indicative Pricing
ACT - $25 AUD 
QLD - $18 AUD 
NSW - $22 AUD 
VIC - $25 AUD 
SA - $25 AUD 
WA - $29 AUD 
TAS - $29 AUD 
NT - $29 AU

NOTE: Any over-charges on postage by the automated PayPal system will be refunded through PayPal after we process your order.

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This pack of 8 sheets is all the foam you need to make your park-fly Depron jet. The 70cm x 50cm sheets are just the size you need to cut out plans from most popular plans sites.


Examples below of how to arrange RC Powers V4 plan parts on these 70cm x 50cm sheets
F-18 (4 sheets)
Mig29 (4 sheets)
SU-30 (6 sheets)
SU-34 (6 sheets)

Foam Selection: Genuine Depron or Modelling Foam

We offer customers a choice of Genuine Depron or Modelling Foam. Please inform us of your choice by email after ordering. The price is the same whichever option you choose.

The consistency of Depron and Modelling Foam is almost identical. Both are made from closed cell foam.
However, Modelling foam is about 20% lighter than Depron and also not quite as strong. It is still strong enough though for model building purposes.

Modelling Foam: Modelling foam is flat (no bend in the sheet).
Shown here is a sheet 70cm x 50cm

Depron Foam: Lately Depron BV has stopped making model grade Depron so the sheets now have a slight bend in them. For built up airframes the bend in the sheets should not affect the finished product.
Shown here is a sheet 70cm x 50cm