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D2826-6 2200kv Aerodrive Brushless Motor
test Specifications
Rpm/V 2200
Shaft 3.17mm
Voltage 2S - 3S
Weight 61grams
Max Current 34A
Best ESC 40A
Mount holes 16+19mm
Connector 3.5mm
Length 40mm
Diameter 27.8mm

The D2826-6 2200kv motor has become a well loved favourite among park flyer enthusiasts. Turning a 6x4 APC style prop this motor combination gives plenty of power and good speed as well, all while keeping your current draw below 35Amps. For best results use a 2200mah 30C Turnigy battery. This motor comes with all the parts you need including…

1 x Alloy motor mount with pre drilled holes.
4 x Motor mounting screws to attach the motor to the motor mount
1 x prop adapter
Pre soldered connectors (3.5mm banana connectors)

Note: 4 x screws to attach the motor mount to the firewall of the plane are not included.
Please see our other listing for these if you need them.

Price: $29.00
(Australian Dollars)

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ESC Extensions
6x4 Propeller

A prop adapter is included with this motor. The flange at the back closes tight on the shaft of the motor when the spinner is screwed up tight. Use an alan key or piece of strong wire to tighten the spinner.

The alloy motor mount is attached to the motor with the supplied black screws.

Place the motor on your motor mount (not included) and mark out the holes

Drill out the holes with a 2mm drill then screw on the motor (screws not included)