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Bonsai V2 (Fully Loaded)
test Specifications
Wingspan: 600mm
Flying Weight:160g~180g
4 Channel TX/RX
400mAh~600mAh 2s Lipoly Battery

Manual Download

See the manual for clear build and setup instructions.

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This fit-out kit contains the following components.  

Bonsai Wing
Fit-Out Kit

1612 – 3200kv with 2mm bullet connectors pre-soldered.

GWS 5030 Prop
1 x V-Tail Mixer
2 x Micro Servos
(Image available soon)
Emax 12A ESC with soldered connectors 1

The Bonsai is a fun combat wing made from almost unbreakable EPP foam that is easy and cheap to build and will provide hours of "fly it like you stole" it fun!. Wings of course have a huge flight envelope, it's one of the reasons they are so popular, you can trickle along at walking pace, fly aerobatic or just see exactly how low 'n' fast you can get away with! Get it wrong? No problem, 5 minutes with some cyano & kicker and you are back in the air with a silly grin on your face!

With the RCFoamFly supplied 1612 – 3200 Motor, 5 x 3 prop , Emax ESC , 2 x 5 g HXT500 servos and a VTail mixer, your Bonsai will have plenty of performance and won't cost the earth. You and your flying buddies can have hours of fun ripping up the sky with some high adrenalin combat flying safe in the knowledge that when the inevitable happens, you can fix it in double quick time!

FUN AND RELAXING POWER SETUP - 1612 – 3200 Motor with a 12 Amp ESC and a 5 x 3 prop. The ESC has pre-soldered JST BCE connectors for the battery and 2mm bullet connectors for the motor. The motor also has the 2mm bullet connectors pre-soldered. We recommend a 470mah 2 Cell battery with JST BCE connectors in the nose. We sell these if you need them so please contact us if you need batteries. This kit is complete apart from your own TX, RX, Battery and charger.

Onboard video with our V2 fitout kit